Sunday, February 24, 2013

(Not so) Weekly Reactions: Elfen Lied [Episode 5]

After an unexpected hiatus due to work and laziness, I am back on the blog ready to get back on track with my Weekly Reactions!

So we continue on with episode five of Elfen Lied!

And oh GOD is this one a doozy

Like I usually try to do, I will leave out as many of the big game changing moments of the episode as possible so that you can get shocked by them yourself! Yaaaay~

And good news everyone, unlike episode four, this one doesn't feature any over-the-top gore/blood parties! Though I wouldn't hold my breath if you are actually planning on watching the rest of the episodes because I don't remember too many episodes this clean the first time I watched. (Clean is a relative term... very relative)

Before I actually say anything about the episode, I want to say that I like the anime. I thought it was good, but this is just a sum of all the emotions I felt and my... well my reactions as I watched the episode.

So let's get to it!

(NOTE: I will be referencing previous episodes. If you do not want any of the previous episodes spoiled, go watch them)

Friday, February 22, 2013

Angel Beats! Episode 2 "Guild"

This episode kind of starts of like any usual filler would. The characters get into a sticky situation, some shit goes down, and then it gets resolved. And that's the whole episode.

 Luckily for me, there was actually some plot development between the filler. Between the deaths and outrageous moments this episode brought, we learned a few things about one of our loved main characters. And to be honest, the filler was okay. It was pretty comical- in an in your face way.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Skip Beat! Chapter 188: My Skip Beat Rant


As you all know, I love Skip Beat with all my heart, but I swear to god I just want to hurt Nakamura-sensei when she writes chapters like chapter 188. I mean, no, nothing really happened in this chapter that's-well- blog worthy. But it most definitely is rant worhy. Just- gggaaahh!

Okay, Alice, breathe. Regaining...use...of...coherent...sentences. If I plan on ranting, it should be one with at least a few words of english, rather than random letters angrily typed into a word processing system...right?

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Angel Beats! Episode 1 "Departure"

As previously promised, here is start of my Angel Beats! episode coverage. I'll start off with saying that I know absolutely nothing about this anime, so all of these posts will pretty much be as raw of a reaction as you can get. Enjoy ~

The very first image of this anime. Considering it begins with, "where am I" and that the title is actually "Departure" it looks like they're going for an air of mystery. Lets see how this anime goes...

Friday, February 15, 2013

Fusion post: Top 5 Anime/Manga Couples

Hey there audience! 

In the spirit of ol' Saint Valentine (you know, the guy who was beheaded in Rome for marrying lovers in secret in opposition to the tyrannical rule of Emperor Claudius the Cruel?) Alice and I have gotten together to present our own personal Top 5 Anime/Manga Couples!

Now, Alice brought up a pretty good point when we were talking about the idea, we are guys and girls. In fact, I even think that it is safe to say that about 92% of all anime watchers on this planet are boys and girls.

So, not only will our lists and opinions differ semi-radically but the way that our readers will be looking at this lists might also play into this here... We will just have to see!

If we haven't included any of your favorites, we likely have not seen the anime that the couple is featured in. So we apologize in advance for that! 

We had hoped to post this on Valentines Day, but because science beckoned and we got into our writing/perfectionist modes, we came a bit late.

So without further adeu, we dive into the world of the animangaverse to ask the question "What is love?" and to ultimately decide from our viewing/reading experiences who plays that game the best.

Here are your countdowns
 offered by your very own dynamic duo: Alice and AvatarHippo!

We both hope you enjoy!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sylveon: Ninfia's English Name and Gameplay Footage

Hello there fellow Pokemon lovers! I know all of you are extremely excited about the newest edition to the Eevee family. Well we haven't learned much since my first post, but the Pokemon Company has just announced the new, English, name!

This new Pokemon goes by the name of Ninfia in Japan, and following the usual -eon suffix, goes by Sylveon in English. 

Still no news about this pokemon's type or method of evolution has been announced. However, it has been established that the bows and ribbons on its body are attached to it. Meaning that it has somehow adapted to an environment or stone that would bring on vestigial ribbons and bows. 

Some people think it's a fighting type, others flying, some bug. Even a new "light" type seems to be an option.

To be honest, it all seems a little crazy to me.

Frantically checking for any ribbons attached to my body


Gentlemen(women)... Behold!

  Deep within their secret ocean lab,  

  Head Engineer Alice and Dr. Hippo were hard at work  
  sculpting and tweaking their latest creation.  

  It is at this time that they emerge from their vague location out in the middle of the Atlantic  
  to present it to the world.

  Tremble in fear folks...

  It has arrived.  

  You have been warned citizens.  

  ... Also side note present, check the rest of the post  

*Edit* : Does this link not work? The yellow banner is a link xD

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pokemon X & Y: New Eeveelution! Ninfia!

Normal, water, fire, electric, psychic, dark, ice, grass, and now....Ninfia?

Joining the previous 7 eeveelutions (8 if you count Eevee) is the newest addition to the Eevee lineage- Ninfia.  This new Pokemon was announced in the recent edition of Japan's CoroCoro Comics. Ninfia, whose name comes from the flower, Ninfea, is a pink version of the typical quadrapedal eeveelution. With it's wispy, ribbon like attachments  and butterfly shaped bows, many speculate that this Pokemon is either bug or flying (as it pays close resemblance to Skyla of Pokemon B&W).

I think it's gorgeous. It's the Eevee version of Milotic

Some believe that it's even part of the a new, 18th, type of Pokemon. There are rumors of a new "light" type pokemon that would be effective against "dark" type pokemon. Others have heard rumors of a "digital"type.

This is all the news we have on Ninfia so far. It's english name, type, ability, and type of evolution has yet to be announced.

Ninfia's debut movie: Pikachu
and Eevee Friends
More information should be coming out with the release of Japan's newest Pikachu- short movie Pikachu and Eevee Friends. For now, we're left guessing.

What do you guys think this new eeveelution is like? Are you a bug advocate, flying believer, or new type conspirator? Post your thoughts in the comments below!

Agonizing over this new eeveelution could be,

Alice <3

News Source: Bulbapedia

Monday, February 11, 2013

Skip Beat!: Opening the Locks to Kyoko's Heart

It's all coming back to it- that one moment; that first scene of both the Skip Beat manga and anime: The box that God gave everyone in the world. One that brings both joy and sorrow. 
A box that Kyoko vowed to lock up and never look back...
Till now. 

It all began with this box, and though many of us forgot about it completely (including me), the whole story is practically about this mysterious box. Kyoko keeps pushing her way into show-biz, but this locked piece of her heart is what's holding her back. The deep wounds that Sho left on her heart haven't been erased, but as the story progressed we noticed that it became less and less about her vengeance on Sho, and more about Kyoko. But that healing has brought on events in Kyoko's heart that makes her greatest promise come closer and closer to breaking. Since this is such a HUGE turning point in the story, I'm putting my best effort into making this post good. 
Enjoy ~

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Review: Angel Beats!

Alright! So we arrive to the date of the review.

Friday the 8th, 2013!

... Likely to be Saturday the 9th by the time I will be done with this review because I have a lot I wish to cover.

This... is Angel Beats!

The plan: review and put the anime into a broad perspective and judge it as such with as little bias as possible. The audience must be able to read this and get an idea of the anime so that they can view it themselves and draw their own conclusions.

Spoilers are not an option.

Operation Starto!

(Warning: this is a full review and is a bit long. Dip into a font of patience or make a bit of time if you plan to read the whole thing. With that in mind, I hope you enjoy!)

[I apologize for the delay on this review, it was much harder reviewing the anime than I thought it would be]

Friday, February 8, 2013

Alice is in the House! And has news :D

Oh goody goody! I'm back from mars, and you guys know what that meanssss??? MORE ANIME!!! And as you know, that also means more post from the original creator. Yes, saying that did make me feel like a goddess. AvatarHippo is just suckling at the titty of my creation. Muahaha! Oh god, am I turning into Light-kun? 

Oh god...Imagine watching someone write like this. Actually,
I'm sitting in a cafe right now. Why don't I try and see what happens?
Anyway, now that I'm back to planet earth I have a few goals I want to set for myself while I'm still here.

Weekly Reactions: Elfen Lied [Episode 4] (Reboot get!)

Ah, well met! We meet again Elfen Lied!

It's a... pleasure to be back within your innocence-crushing and sadness-inducing embrace?

But seriously, I enjoyed this anime very very much with my previous viewings. Though I can definitely say with security that this anime and manga are definitely not for everyone.

I like box openers

I can honestly see why Alice dropped the anime. It becomes quite hard to watch at some moments and, admittedly, the characters don't SEEM to undergo much change nor are they quite interesting at the very beginning.

I am looking at you Kohta...

Anyway, if you need a little synopsis before we dive into episode four, hopefully Alice's previous episode reactions will suffice.

With that out of the way, let's get this reboot started!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Bowl? What's that? (ANNOUNCEMENTS TOO)

Hey there addicts!

So I heard that a flock of ravens somewhere won a... super bowl or something like that.

... Congratulations to them? I hope that they enjoy all of the chili and cereal they can with their new bowl.

Pic related
(I guess, I still don't really know...)
((Am I doing it right?))

Either way, there are a few things that should be said about this week!

A slight change in order of animes I plan to cover and a project I am starting for all of us.

So let's get this started!

An Apology and a Slice of My Life

No anime, you say! Impossibbrruuu
Gomenasai, mina-san! It's been almost a week since I posted, and I have to say is thank god for our new author! I won't tell you much, but in my life internet is never a given. Sometimes I have it, other times we're in the middle of no where without the slightest signs of civilization. It's a great life, but there's a trade anime.

So for now please take care of AvatarHippo till I get back on my anime-freakish feet!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Review: FLCL (Fooly Cooly)

Oh goodness. Well despite the fact that my Fooly Cooly-thon idea being all done in one day was a total flop, I am here today to present the final word!

Oh and also, it turns out that this is post number 100 on the blog!!

If you plan to watch it, there is a lot of this
but mainly in episode 5. The anime isn't tame,
but it isn't necessarily like this all the time xD

I hope to make this review for any newcomers to the show to give them an idea of what it is like before giving it a watch.

I'm back here again to finish this off and finally give my own 10 to 1 evaluating the anime through the categories.

Without further ado, let's do this with as few spoilers as possible!

(Warning: this is a full review and is a bit long. Dip into a font of patience or make a bit of time if you plan to read the whole thing. With that in mind, I hope you enjoy!)

Fooly Cooly-thon: Reactions to Episode 6 [FINAL]

Into the very next day of Fooly Cooly-thon and here we are!

Without any other distraction, lets dig in!

This, the final episode of FLCL. Hold on to your seats, this one is one heck of a bumpy ride!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Fooly Cooly-thon: Reactions to Episode 5

Oh my god. This freaking episode.

I remember it all now. THIS was the very first episode I saw on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim segment.

So, long story short, this is one of the first episode of any anime I ever watched ever and likely to be the VERY first.

And long story even shorter, it did not make a good impression back then.

Let's just see how the rewatch went, da?

Fooly Cooly-thon: Reactions to Episode 4

There once was a man. He had eyebrows.

The episode takes a turn for the epic in Episode 4 of FLCL! Epic revelations, epic hints, epic emotions and of course epic brow stature.

Had to run a quick errand for papa-san but I am back here and ready to post!

Let's dive on in shall we?

Fooly Cooly-thon: Reactions to Episode 3

Here we are! The halfway point of the series (although I would be totally lost if I didn't have the episode numbers to guide me.

Episode 3 of FLCL incoming! Hold onto your hats because this one changes the game!

Oh, and the formal introduction to my favorite
character in the series,  Eri Ninamori
I know what will cheer you up from loosing the game, a good episode! Lets see how this one turned out!

Fooly Cooly-thon: Reactions to Episode 2

Oh so now the plot thickens! ... Sort of!

On the second day here on Fooly Cooly-thon, we take a look at the second episode.

Shenanigans abound, characters revealed (not really), Medical Mechanica is given some part in this "life that is a lie".

Whatever lie it may be, I am pretty entertained. Lets get started!

Gomenasai~! (Ok, typing that made me die a little inside)

Alright, so you loyal viewers may have noticed that my Fooly Cooly-thon did not exactly rocket off like I expected it to... Let me try to explain even though excuses suck =/

Actually, go check this guy out he is GREAT

Friday, February 1, 2013

Fooly Cooly-thon: Reactions to Episode 1

Once upon a time, after a really moody modem decided to finally get it's shit together and provide internet for a very anime-hungry AvatarHippo. He got to hop on one of the strangest rides the world of Japanese animation had to offer.

With dips, tips, tilts and turns to behold in the show and in my anger and respect for the show, the first episode did not disappointing.

Let's hop on the crazy train because yes... this was one hell of a rewatch.

Retrospective FLCL (Fooly Cooly)

Alright! So we have finally arrived to Main Post Friday! And I am going to kick these main posts with a special all-day Rewatch & Review of FLCL. Because I love this blog.

I'd probably like this image a lot more if Haruko's face
just wasn't so EEEEEEEEEWWWW in this one

I am going to do an episode reaction for each of the six episodes of the series and this will likely stretch out into the night because... well hell, I apparently take WAY too long writing these mediocre posts for the blog xD (Inside I really cry D; (not really :T))

So, trimming the fat off of these intro's lets get this started!

Weekly Reactions: Mushi-Shi [Episode 1]

Well here we are, the very first episode of Mushi-Shi revisited. And boy am I glad I got to.

One of the many stupefying images from the episode

With this first edition of the Weekly Reaction, I take a look at the pilot episode to Mushi-Shi, "The Green Throne".

Awwwwwwwwww baby! Things are about to get surreal up in this forest!