Friday, February 8, 2013

Alice is in the House! And has news :D

Oh goody goody! I'm back from mars, and you guys know what that meanssss??? MORE ANIME!!! And as you know, that also means more post from the original creator. Yes, saying that did make me feel like a goddess. AvatarHippo is just suckling at the titty of my creation. Muahaha! Oh god, am I turning into Light-kun? 

Oh god...Imagine watching someone write like this. Actually,
I'm sitting in a cafe right now. Why don't I try and see what happens?
Anyway, now that I'm back to planet earth I have a few goals I want to set for myself while I'm still here.

Oh baby...expect fangirling with this

1.  More Skip Beat! - Dem bitches love Skip Beat. A great story, great romance, and great drama. What more can you ask? I'm almost caught up to the most recent posts, and you guys have no idea how much I'm dreading the idea of having to wait for new chapters. 

I'm not adding any more explaination to this...since Skip Beat is da shit. Period.

2. My Black Bird First Impression Post - I've got quite the post for you guys. I've read around 20 or so chapters, and I've gotta say, I like it so far! I call it the "hornier version of Fruits Basket". It has that supernatural spin on it, curses, romance, sexy ass scenes, etc. I am not kidding, I hand wrote (don't ask me why, I just did) maybe five pages of this first impression. Of course, that translates much differently when typed, but I really want you guys to know about this series. 

This is not rape...I swear. They are very much in
3. Finish School Rumble...or die trying- I don't like this anime very much. I mean, ditzy main characters are ssoooo mainstream. Now, that delinquent? Hmmm...he could make it a bit more interesting. But really, I've never seen such a dweebish-looking male love intrest. I mean, at least Rock Lee has kick ass eyebrows.

4. Angel Beats Summaries- So many people have told me to watch this. I never listened to them. But now I feel like I'll give it a shot. AvatarHippo is going to make a review on that (and knowing AvatarHippo, it'll be long, but good). I no absolutely, close to nothing abou this anime. Looks like some girls with guns and short skirts- how can that not be bad? 

5. Review: Nana- I am psyched for this review! Nana is one of very few shoujo series that manages to bring real life decisions, real life scenarios, and real character devolopement. Which everyone knows is my favorite thing ever!! It shows such a great story of two very different girls. As their lives begin to intertwine, we're pulled into the drama, emotion, and connection that comes with these two. Not to mention the music. I'm a sucker for punk rock. Though I don't look it, I'm quite a seasoned punk-rocker, and Japan holds a very prominent role in the punk rock scene. For anime music, this is beyond amazing.
 It's a brilliant, well thought out, and heartwarming story. This heart-wrenching story:  a must see.

6. Dat Facebook Page- We've officially created a facebook site. As AvatarHippo previously said, it's so much more than just this blog. We want to make this so we can get that much closer to all of you! Soon we'll be on your Facebook feed, leeching off your loving likes, and eventually...we'll be there right when you guys wake up. Sitting at the end of your bed singing:

 One, two Alice's commin for you. 
 Three, four cuz we're not a bore
 Five, six Nancy's anime mix
Seven, eight gonna stay up late
Nine, ten never sleep agaaiiiinnn

I want this thing awesome before any of you guys get to see it so we aren't making it public just yet.  This is top secret stuff. I am telling you guys NO MORE THAN THIS....I do it because I love you! 

And since I've been catering to my female readers...

For the boys. Boobs, ass, hot,  fictional characters drawn to perfection.
 Honestly, if these chicks were real, I'd never get a boyfriend.
Though it's the same for the anime men too ;)
Thanking the lord for not making us perfect


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