Thursday, March 21, 2013

I Misses Yous!

Daws...It's been so long since I last posted here. I really miss it, but my life is just so hectic at the moment. And! I haven't had internet for quite a while. I have so many posts I've been meaning to do!

I finished Angel Beats, I've been reading Skip Beat like crazy (and loving every moment of it!), and get this...600 and something chapters of Naruto, and I'm ALMOST caught up! Took me a year, but I finally did it :D (well almost)!

Oh, and I watched Guilty Crown. Don't get me started on Guilty Crown. Seriously, who ever wrote this needs to die. I am so mad at the ending, you have no idea (well anyone who watched it will). This series deserves a rant...and then maybe, just maybe, and well written, objective review.

But sadly I do not have the time, or the internet to do any of the things I really really  want to write about. And this as my first post in about a month is not doing me any good. I hate lowering the standards like this :( I swear to you all that when I can, I will post actual anime related stuff.

Now, on another- happier end- our facebook page has hit 100 likes! Woohoo! So for the time being, if any of you who read this blog still want content from me and AvatarHippo check out our facebook page.  Just click the link or go to

Anime/Manga Addict has a facebook page?!
No one can resist this Pikachu telling you to like our page!
Nneehh? Right?

Since it takes less time to post than the blog and can be done on a phone, I've managed to maintain it pretty well. We have funny, awesome, retarded, and just cool anime stuff there. It's pretty fun. My tag is ~Alice (le duh) and then we have AvatarHippo who also writes on this blog (as Nancy CS??)

But I feel like the page has helped me get to know you  better. It's much more personal than this blog, so it give a good in between from reader-to-writer.

We're doing a Question and Answer segment to celebrate our 100 likes. We answer literally anything (as long as it won't get the page flagged). Just specify in a photo or comment what your question is and who it's for.

Anyway, I love you all, and I miss you all. This blog will be back in business before you know it!

I wish
 I wish upon a star
to wake up where the anime characters are


Sunday, February 24, 2013

(Not so) Weekly Reactions: Elfen Lied [Episode 5]

After an unexpected hiatus due to work and laziness, I am back on the blog ready to get back on track with my Weekly Reactions!

So we continue on with episode five of Elfen Lied!

And oh GOD is this one a doozy

Like I usually try to do, I will leave out as many of the big game changing moments of the episode as possible so that you can get shocked by them yourself! Yaaaay~

And good news everyone, unlike episode four, this one doesn't feature any over-the-top gore/blood parties! Though I wouldn't hold my breath if you are actually planning on watching the rest of the episodes because I don't remember too many episodes this clean the first time I watched. (Clean is a relative term... very relative)

Before I actually say anything about the episode, I want to say that I like the anime. I thought it was good, but this is just a sum of all the emotions I felt and my... well my reactions as I watched the episode.

So let's get to it!

(NOTE: I will be referencing previous episodes. If you do not want any of the previous episodes spoiled, go watch them)

Friday, February 22, 2013

Angel Beats! Episode 2 "Guild"

This episode kind of starts of like any usual filler would. The characters get into a sticky situation, some shit goes down, and then it gets resolved. And that's the whole episode.

 Luckily for me, there was actually some plot development between the filler. Between the deaths and outrageous moments this episode brought, we learned a few things about one of our loved main characters. And to be honest, the filler was okay. It was pretty comical- in an in your face way.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Skip Beat! Chapter 188: My Skip Beat Rant


As you all know, I love Skip Beat with all my heart, but I swear to god I just want to hurt Nakamura-sensei when she writes chapters like chapter 188. I mean, no, nothing really happened in this chapter that's-well- blog worthy. But it most definitely is rant worhy. Just- gggaaahh!

Okay, Alice, breathe. Regaining...use...of...coherent...sentences. If I plan on ranting, it should be one with at least a few words of english, rather than random letters angrily typed into a word processing system...right?

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Angel Beats! Episode 1 "Departure"

As previously promised, here is start of my Angel Beats! episode coverage. I'll start off with saying that I know absolutely nothing about this anime, so all of these posts will pretty much be as raw of a reaction as you can get. Enjoy ~

The very first image of this anime. Considering it begins with, "where am I" and that the title is actually "Departure" it looks like they're going for an air of mystery. Lets see how this anime goes...