Monday, February 18, 2013

Skip Beat! Chapter 188: My Skip Beat Rant


As you all know, I love Skip Beat with all my heart, but I swear to god I just want to hurt Nakamura-sensei when she writes chapters like chapter 188. I mean, no, nothing really happened in this chapter that's-well- blog worthy. But it most definitely is rant worhy. Just- gggaaahh!

Okay, Alice, breathe. Regaining...use...of...coherent...sentences. If I plan on ranting, it should be one with at least a few words of english, rather than random letters angrily typed into a word processing system...right?

So, I've never done a rant before, so bear with me here. I'm guessing I should just act like I'm superior to everyone while voicing my opinion on a specific topic? Well, let's give it a shot!


This chapter picks off from chapter 187, where Ren has turned into "The Dark Lord" for no apparent reason, and Kyoko is at school scrutinizing every thing Ren has ever said or done in order to find out what's going on with him.

And this is all fine and dandy until what's-his-face comes into the picture (no really, what's that guys name?)

Kijima! That's it! The guy who previously hit on Kyoko...well only after forcing her into a gorgeous dress and giving her an amazing makeover. Honestly, if you like a girl, you wouldn't have to give her a makeover to verify that she's actually cute -_-. What an ass move.

Gosh, it's really easy to get distracted, huh?

Aaannyyway! This Kijima guy just happens to be doing a commercial with Ren that allows the two get in close contact with each other. When Kijima mentions texting Kyoko-chan (and the fact that he has her phone number) we all know what's going to happen next...

Yashiro starts freaking out, Kyoko does something stupid, and Ren's calm, gentleman composure falters. And then...Shou comes in. Typical

Why this pisses me off so much:

  1. Chapters like this happen all the time: It seems like a reoccurring thing in Skip Beat! Kyoko and Ren take a huge step in their relationship, then something happens- out of pure coincidence- that messes everything up. Really! Kijima just happened to see Kyoko at the mall on the exact day the "Dark Moon" cast had a party to go to. And now Kijima just happened to be working with Ren right after Kyoko and him made progress in their relationship. Come on Nakamura-sensei, you can do something less repetitive than that. 

     2. Kyoko just never learns: Look, I get that she grew up in a fancy hotel and was some what deprived of all the feminine stuff that most young girls get (ex. makeup, shoes, accessories). I get that. But she always chooses the wrong moments to express all that. Yes, she just thought that Kijima was being polite by sending her a message. But did she have to freak out that much when she saw it was all sparkly and colorful? And then to send another message with "I really love it" in bold, colorful letters just made matters worse. 

3. Ren, seriously...chill the fuck out- Excuse my french, but seriously man? You're one of the 
hottest playboys in the Skip Beat! world and you're worried about a guy like Kijima?? Seriously, Kyoko is living with you. How many times has she been there for you? And how many times have you two shared tender moments? You know she's retarded with all this romance dating stuff. You knnooww that she gave him is number just because she thought she was being polite. 
But noooo you still gotta go all freak on us, huh? 

4. always has to involve Shou: I thought we were over this. Ren knows Kyoko hates him, yet it's inevitable that Ren with catch Kyoko with Sho (who announces that he'll be going to Kyoko's school at the end of the chapter) and freak out even more. Again...chill the **** out Ren. 

5. At the end of the day, it will mean nothing: As this isn't a new Skip Beat! chapter, I'm going to try to predict the future here- and you guys can tell me if I'm right. Note: I haven't read any chapters past this one. 

  Kyoko regects Shou when he comes to see her, then somehow mangages to get involved with him again. Where she just coincidentally meets Ren in one of the 300 streets in Japan. Where we then get launched into another awkward Ren-Kyoko face offs. Only to have them make up, do some cute coupley thing, then reset the cycle.

Am I right? Tell me I'm right! 

Predicting the future since before it wasn't cool

~Alice <3

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