Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fruits Basket: Bittersweet Yet Mostly Bitter Kiss

Yes!!!! The day has finally come! Tohru and Kyo finally kissed! wasn't much of a victorious kiss. It was an incredibly heart touching, sad moment for the two of them. I deem this the best climax I've ever read. Here's the story of what picture style:
Tohru forgived Kyo for "killing" her mother, even saying that she disagreed with her mother not forgiving Kyo before she died. What did Kyo do? He said "you're disillusioned" and ran away...asshole -_-
Akito meets up with a crying Tohru, telling her how hurt and jealous she is of her. How everyone is now siding with Tohru and breaking the bond with Akito. Having just broken the bond with her mother, Tohru tells Akito the truth about bonds: that they don't last. However, she does say that there is still time to create new bonds and start over. So she reaches out her hand and says, "Let's be friends"

Ok, this part got me confused at first. I thought Tohru falling off the cliff was just a metaphor or delusion in Akito's mind, but people...that shit went down. Akito freaks out, having lost her first and only friend. Yuki finds Tohru first, on the floor bleeding, and Kyo follows.

Kyo says the sweetest things. Seeing Tohru laying in a pool of blood, he gets flashbacks of Kyoko. He breaks down, begging her not to leave. Not to give up. That even though she'll make mistakes, and mess up, that she still has to live. He needs her, and can't bear seeing her like this.

Tohru wakes up, begging Kyo now, to stop worrying. That she's alright, that it's ok. Kyo stops her, and then they kiss, both of them crying. 

I love this manga so much. It's the most heartwarming, heartwrenching, tear jerking manga I have ever read. I will admit it: I cried like a little baby in these few chapters.  This includes: *Chapters 120-123*


  1. I love this anime it's very sweet and romantic I love the story...:-)

  2. I very much agree. I can't count how many times it's made me cry...But since I'm almost finished with it, I need a new manga to blog on. Any suggestions?

  3. all anime r romantic and thats why i love them well not all but most