Sunday, October 9, 2011

Akito is a Woman?: The Twisted Love Triangle

Akito, the evil little demon child of the Sohma household. Akito, the possessive child that rules the junishi. I've always wondered why he was so mean towards the women of the 12 zodiac. But now I understand...It's because he, himself, is a woman!
In chapter 97 we finally learn the reason why Kureno didn't want to see Arisa again. We not only learned that he was freed by the cruse, but that it was his choice to stay with Akito. Apparently, the fact that Kureno left the junishi affected her greatly. She then became incredibly possessive of Kureno. Since Kureno can't stand to see her cry, he puts his feelings for Arisa aside in order to not hurt Akito. Kureno seems to be sort of like Tohru, huh?
Apparently, Shigure used to be Akito's favorite, and he was deeply in love with her. In chapter 100 Shigure and Akito confront each other, and Akito explains that he kicked Shigure out because he slept with her mother, Ren. Due to Akito and Ren's bad relationship and hatred for each other, Shigure knew that doing that would force Akito to throw him out. However, instead of wanting to be thrown out because he wanted freedom, we learn that Shigure did it because he loved Akito. Since Akito slep with Kureno, Shigure felt betrayed and unloved by Akito. Once Akito learned his true reasons for sleeping with her mother, the two make up. Shigure tells her that he loves her, and the two end up sleeping together at the end of the chapter.
I find this all rather disturbing.

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