Sunday, September 18, 2011

Controversially Awesome 493 Pokegirls

Usually, when I see anything Pokemon-related pornographic image/racy content made by fans or perverts, I immediately look away, scarred by the image. However, this...whatever you call it (fan art?) was pretty cool, in my opinion. The girls range from cute, silly, badass, and then down right slutty. I'm not sure who drew these, but the person took pokemon, and turned them into anime girls. And yes, some of them are racy and somewhat perverted, but I think it was very creative. In a woman's opinion, some of these were done tastefully, while others were just fanservice,but all of them really depicted the Pokemon. Frankly, the person's a pervert...But a perverted genius. To see all of these pokegirls click here.

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